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Quality we know are always the better choice and we do not forget that, so we always strive for quality in our products.

All our Brand’s signalizes good quality for example from CE certifications and so on
Quality are also everything around the product itselfs.

We provide quick response on orders, with first class customer service and care. have generous stock in our warehouse, with the singular goal of improving the game itself. We have recently moved to a bigger warehouse.


Urelli Sports & Fun AB are working close besides our suppliers/factories to together create new qualitative products and games.

BADEN Sports made itself known by becoming the first athletic ball manufacturer to produce the first women’s basketball, adopted by the NCAA in 1984. This same drive for product innovation continues to fuel the business today.

SUNFLEX Sports act with creativity and expertise to develop frequently innovations which motivate people to enjoy motion.


We have a real
which means BADEN SPORTS is obsessed with creating the perfect sports balls and accessories at every level of play.

This extreme focus propels the decisions made in the structure and design of each product


In URELLi case “Sport” means sporting balls through Baden Sports Inc (one of the biggest producers of sporting balls). Urelli have the ability to serve everybody from the athletics to schoolkids with specified sporting balls and accessories. We have a very big assortment of balls that can fit the extreme to the amateur and all between.


Sports are also fun and in this “FUN” category we combine sports in a more leisure way. Funsports combined with beach, sand, grass and water can be hilarious to participate in and also to be a spectator of.


Create your own sporting ball:
The way to make you proud of your own club, institution or company.
We together can create almost whatever you want a ball to look like.

Urelli Sports & Fun

URELLI SPORTS & FUN AB, earlier BASA AB established 1986 as a wholesaler with brands like Butterfly, Yashima etc..
Today we are a distributor/agent/warehouse, who distributes in Scandinavia and Europe.
Our main business through the years have been “Baden Sports European Warehouse”. for Baden Sports USA. (we have done that for + 20 years), Baden are one of the biggest
producer of different sporting balls, they also manufacture backyard games and other items.
Our customer are Department stores, sporting clubs and Institutional sellers in Europe.
In recent years we have incorporated more brands like:
SUNFLEX, INTEX, BALA and NETPLAYZ to our warehouse in southern SwedenINN