Social responsibility

Statement of Urelli’s Commitment to Product Safety and Social Responsibility

At Urelli, our mission is to design, develop and produce the highest quality athletic products in sports. We also seek to maintain high ethical standards and a culture that values honesty, integrity and transparency. As a company committed to the highest standards of product safety and customer service, Urelli is driven by what is right for the athletes that use our products, our employees, and the protection of the rights of workers that produce our products.

Product Safety
As we have done for many years, Urelli and our suppliers continue to test its products for the content of harmful materials, including lead and other heavy metals. Urelli is proud to represent and warrant that our products are in compliance with all applicable consumer product safety regulations.

Social Responsibility
Throughout its history Urelli and our suppliers have prided ourselves on being a socially responsible company. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our efforts to protect workers’ rights. Urelli has adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct that requires suppliers to adhere to social responsibility standards that protect workers’ rights. We conducted on-site factory inspections and reviewed local working conditions long before these issues attracted attention in the United States. We continue to conduct our own factory inspections and, in addition, we periodically contract with independent social compliance auditing companies to monitor overseas factories. Urelli has never used factories that employ child or slave labor and was the first ball manufacturer to certify its entire product line as child labor-free.

Urelli has always represented the highest, most consistent quality in the sporting goods industry, and we continue to lead the industry in providing safe products that are manufactured by workers in a socially responsible environment. If you have any further questions regarding these important issues, please feel free to contact us.

Urelli Sports & Fun AB

Urelli Sports & Fun

URELLI SPORTS & FUN AB, earlier BASA AB established 1986 as a wholesaler with brands like Butterfly, Yashima etc..
Today we are a distributor/agent/warehouse, who distributes in Scandinavia and Europe.
Our main business through the years have been “Baden Sports European Warehouse”. for Baden Sports USA. (we have done that for + 20 years), Baden are one of the biggest
producer of different sporting balls, they also manufacture backyard games and other items.
Our customer are Department stores, sporting clubs and Institutional sellers in Europe.
In recent years we have incorporated more brands like:
SUNFLEX, INTEX, BALA and NETPLAYZ to our warehouse in southern SwedenINN