Am. Football

Baden’s extensive research has
created the ultimate shape for football.
Technology has allowed us to dial in
our patented shape for ideal hand
placement. 3D scanners allow us to
calculate the force once the ball leaves
a player’s hand. The result is a ball that
practically spirals itself.

Our SharkBack™ Lace features a series
of longitudinal “fins” that anchor the
QB’s fingers, letting them snap down
with more force and minimal slipping.

Our leather tanners have taken a giant
step forward. The QB1 leather provides
a more solid grip, tight spiral, and a
faster spin rate in all conditions.

The smallest legal size football in the
market allows the QB to throw farther,
more accurately, and with greater
velocity, regardless of their hand size.

By slightly raising our seams, we
provide a trigger for the index finger to
achieve the fastest spin rate.

Urelli Sports & Fun

URELLI SPORTS & FUN AB, earlier BASA AB established 1986 as a wholesaler with brands like Butterfly, Yashima etc..
Today we are a distributor/agent/warehouse, who distributes in Scandinavia and Europe.
Our main business through the years have been “Baden Sports European Warehouse”. for Baden Sports USA. (we have done that for + 20 years), Baden are one of the biggest
producer of different sporting balls, they also manufacture backyard games and other items.
Our customer are Department stores, sporting clubs and Institutional sellers in Europe.
In recent years we have incorporated more brands like:
SUNFLEX, INTEX, BALA and NETPLAYZ to our warehouse in southern SwedenINN