With symmetrical panels, the Elite™ is
a perfectly balanced ball. This allows
for consistency in shooting, passing,
catching, rebounding and ball handling.
We’ve created panels that are more
widely-spaced, ensuring you won’t feel
lumps or get inconsistent bounces.

Baden’s patented Cushion Control
Technology™ forever changed the way
basketballs are made. CCT™ consists
of thousands of tiny air cells that form
a “cushioned” carcass. CCT™ provides
a softer feel and gives the ball a truer
bounce and longer life.

Baden’s advanced microfiber cover
creates the best feeling basketball
on the market. The cover material will
not absorb moisture or become heavy
while maintaining the perfect tack for
optimum playability.

With our SSS™ system, we’ve created
a valve almost undetectable by the
player. This creates eight identical
panels to ensure consistency, truer
bounce, truer flight and truer play.

Urelli Sports & Fun

URELLI SPORTS & FUN AB, earlier BASA AB established 1986 as a wholesaler with brands like Butterfly, Yashima etc..
Today we are a distributor/agent/warehouse, who distributes in Scandinavia and Europe.
Our main business through the years have been “Baden Sports European Warehouse”. for Baden Sports USA. (we have done that for + 20 years), Baden are one of the biggest
producer of different sporting balls, they also manufacture backyard games and other items.
Our customer are Department stores, sporting clubs and Institutional sellers in Europe.
In recent years we have incorporated more brands like:
SUNFLEX, INTEX, BALA and NETPLAYZ to our warehouse in southern SwedenINN